SMY Touch Box Mini 60W

SMY Put out a brandnew box mod with touch screen, on the basis of Touch box 100w, we improved the both hardware and firmware, more sensitive touch operation and more stable temperature control. Touch Box Mini 60W has 1.54” touch screen, working with 2* 18350 batteries, you will enjoy its high resolution and convenient operation.


SMY Mr.Q 40w starter kit, your best choice of high cost-performance, solid quality with resonable price, pocket size and no leakage from the Mr.Q tank. This is one express kit that makes you feel easy vaping everyday.



SMY MR.Q 40W KIT is designed upon compact structure, comprehensive functions and high cost-performance. Kit includes Mr.Q box mod and Mr.Q tank, the device fits one 18350 battery, owns VW and TC two working modes, and offers 1~40 wattage power. Overall height 92.5mm makes the whole kit handled in your palm very properly and be potable to carry.


Three Colors of MR.Q Kit Available

The material of MR.Q box mod is zinc alloy.

For color black and cyan, we use rubber paint finish, which provides smooth hand-feeling and effictive falling protection.

For stainless steel one, we keep the natural color and lustre of the material.


MR.Q Box Mod Specifications


MR.Q Tank Details

MR.Q Tank with 2ml capacity is a real mini tank.

What is special is the X curved glass wall and comfortable mouthpiece, which increase the flavour of your e juice.


Bring MR.Q Kit With You to Make a Day!

The Choice of being charming and cool

Enjoy vaping at the beach, at the party, on the way and in your place


Double Modes Function

TC mode for Ni200 wire, Ti wire and SS wire. VW mode for Kanthal wire.

Switch whatever mode you’d like to vape



MR.Q box mod fits single 18350 battery.

we keep the device smallest while using removable battery.

And superior plastic used in the battery cell assures the precaution and safety further.

Battery Pros

USB Pass-Through Mode– Vaping Never Stop!

MR.Q box supports firmware upgrade, and USB pass-through mode that enables you to vape while charging.


One MR.Q Kit Includes




SDNA200 Battery Correct Usage

In order to avoid the issue caused by the battery inside the SDNA200 box mod, we highly advise that users pay attention to use SDNA200 properly and protect the battery.
SDNA200 Battery Safety Tip: During the use of SDNA200, once there shows up the warning of “Weak Battery”, please stop using and plug USB in to charge. Otherwise, if the device shut down automatically in the end, the issue may occur that the device can not be charged nor turned on again.

SDNA 75W Box Mod

SDNA75 is one of the smallest devices on the market, heartbeat by genuine Evolv DNA75 chip, single 18650 removable battery and comes with 1 year warranty. Compact size with unique design makes SDNA75 a special and smart box mod.


    Name   SDNA 75
    Size   44mm X 23mm X 84mm
    Chip   Genuine Evolv DNA75 chip
    Battery   One single 18650 battery
    Charge   USB charging
    Screen   0.91inches OLED display
    Lock/Unlock   click 5 times power button
    Colors   Black/ Red/ Stainless Steel/ Wooden
    Protection   Short CircuitOver DischargeLow Resistance

Anti reverse

IC Temperature


1.Genuine Evolv DNA75 chip
2.Warranty time one year
3. Battery: Single high-rate 18650 battery(Removable)
4. 0.91inches OLED display
5.Operating wattage:1-75watt
6.Resistance range (Standard Coil) 0.1ohms to 2.0 ohms
7.Resistance range (Temperature control coil):0.08 to 1.0 ohms
8. Operating Temperature control: 100-300℃/200-600℉
9. Adjustable colorful LED light on power button


     Mod                                 Kit

1 x SDNA75 Body                   1 x SDNA75 Body

1 x English user manual          1 x Epoch tank

1 x Certification                      1 x Certification

1 x USB charger                     1 x USB charger

1 x  Gift box                          1 x English user manual

1 x Gift box



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SDNA 75 Box Mod with DNA75 Chip

After SDNA 200, we will bring out SDNA 75 box mod with the new DNA75 chip from Evolv. On the one hand, we will keep going with the advantages of SDNA 200, use stainless steel fat daddy style 510 connector, make it compact size with single 18650 removable battery, most importantly, we will continue work with DJLsb Vapes Daniel, he will test SDNA 75 and help with the pre-programmed firmwares,which can make the SDNA 75 have all the TCR presettings right out of the package box, super easy to use, plus the ergonomical appearance design, accurate temperature and stable performance from DNA75 chip, SDNA 75 is going to be a very special, fully-functional and convenient high end hardware for you.

Powered by the new DNA75 chip
> Single 18650 battery
> Ergonomically comfortable hand feeling
> Small size: 44mm* 23mm* 84mm
> 4 colors: Black, red, silver, wood

Any question about this product, please feel free to Email Us at:
Official Website:

smy sdna75 box mod

SMY60 TC Mini Firmware for Stainless Steel Coil Released!

Good News! SMY 60TC Mini Firmware to support Stainless Steel has been released at our website, you can download the firmware here:

Then till now, our popular product smy60 tc mini can support Ni200, Titanium and 316 Stainless Steel coils, this is a big plus and make it better.

Please update your smy 60tc mini and enjoy vaping it daily!

Features Intro of SMY new Epoch RTA

SMY Epoch rta is our new atomizer after SMY Totem rda and Star tank, here I’m going to introduce its functions to you and see what features it has.


It comes with three coils in the package that support its multifunctional performance. And here you can see the depatched parts of the Epoch.

Epoch coils

SMY epoch rta atomizer can be used as a tank and a rba as well, users can choose which way they like. When using as a tank, we provide two kinds of coils, Stainless steel coil for variable wattage mode and Nickle 200 coil for temperature control mode.We also provide a RBA deck for users to build their own setup.

Features and advantages of smy epoch rta:

  1. Easy top refilling: Users can just screw off the top cap then refill the e juice through the juice hole, clean and fast.Epoch refill
  2. Coil changing from the bottom of the smy epoch rta: the Epoch rta is kind of improvement from Star tank, users can change the coil much more easier than do this on Star tank, just screw off the bottom base to change the coil.
  3. Oil explosion-proof design on the drip tip, but it will not affect the air path, vaping is so smooth and lead to huge vapor production.

详页 5.jpg

And as you can see, the whole design of smy epoch rta is quite simple, the apperance is very clean, but it has all the smart design in details and has all the necessary functions, which enable it being super easy to use and satisfy. Also the two seal rings make it avoid the terrible leaking problem.

Specifications about smy epoch rta:




Updated SDNA200 Performance and Improvement

Since we released SDNA 200 box mod in November 2015, it has had serveral changes and gone through a lot of improvment then became a quite nice and special DNA200 box mod in the market.


Here we are going to explain the difference between the updated SDNA and original SDNA. And the most SDNA in the market are the new updated version, only a few of them that released in the first month are the original version, and it should download the firmware to get all the pre-programmed settings.

Difference between the original SDNA and updated SDNA:

For hardware: Updated SDNA has stainless steel and flat 510 connection, optimize and clean the wire and soldering work inside.

For software:  Updated SDNA programmed by SMY firmware of Escribe software, it has all the TCR presets, so users dont need to connect Escribe when they purchased a SDNA200, they can use it right away and it works pretty well.

Current and later SDNA production has the change of finish, new finish of black and red one is added sense of rugged concave and convex, the white one is still the same.

More detialed introduction and demostration of the updated SDNA, please check out this Youtube video made by Daniel/ DJLsb Vapes:

Specifictions about SDNA, pls check out SMY official website:

If you have any questions about SDNA200, please feel free to contact us:

Hope you enjoy vaping SMY mods and send us feedback to help us improve and move upward.

Must-have vaping accessory: Box mod holder in your auto

Your must-have vaping accessory: Box mod holder in your automobile!


Magnetic box mod holder! Strong magnetic base, make it perfect sitting beside you in your automobile, no falling out! It also can hold your cell phone perfectly.

Contact us for wholesale price and more information:


  1. Brand new design with nice-built quality
  2. Has antirust ball shaped base and magnetic piece
  3. Magnetic piece can tightly stick to the antirust ball shaped base and other ferric stuff
  4. Small size,space-saving
  5. 360° rotation, free angle adjustment
  6. Compatible with any mobile device,like cellphone,ipad,GPS etc.