SMY Mr.Q 40W kit Video Review

Check out the review on Mr.Q 40w starter kit!

Let’s see how it looks and works

SDNA75 First Video Review

SDNA75 first full video review by DJLsb Vapes. In this video will show you both the outer look and inside structure of SDNA75, and demonstrate the functions and the operations.

Let’s check it out and see how the SDNA75 performs!

Youtube Videos Guide about SMY Touch Box Update& DIY

Here list you two videos about SMY Touch Box Update, Customization and DIY settings.

Youtube Channel of SMY: Vapor Simeiyue

  1. Check out this Update Video Guide link:

This video guide will show you how to update your smy touch box in a right way, please watch the guide entirely before updating your touch box in order to avoid errors and issues.
The firmware provides the function to add your own pictures as wallpaper or start logo, also revise some small bugs to improve the performance.

2. Check out this DIY Mode Video Guide:

to learn how to set up the DIY Mode in your SMY Touch Box.
Firmware link:
Contact us for customer service:

SMY Star Rba Tank First Look!

SMY Star Rba Tank First Look!

Smytech SMY new tank atomizer- Star Rba is a very compact and easy to use tank, it has top filling functoin, adjustable airflow holes and oil explosion- proof drip tip. MINI 22mm diameter makes the Star tank so small and looks perfect with mini box mod, small size but smooth puff and huge vapor, and it has extrodinary performance when used in 60watts( or below) with no burnt smell.


SDNA new look, Leather Texture!

SDNA new look!
Leather texture on the surface, add the sense of concave-convex feeling, anti-skid and no fingerprint!

SDNA 200 5SDNA 200 2SDNA 200 6SDNA 200 1SDNA 200 9