Features Intro of SMY new Epoch RTA

SMY Epoch rta is our new atomizer after SMY Totem rda and Star tank, here I’m going to introduce its functions to you and see what features it has.


It comes with three coils in the package that support its multifunctional performance. And here you can see the depatched parts of the Epoch.

Epoch coils

SMY epoch rta atomizer can be used as a tank and a rba as well, users can choose which way they like. When using as a tank, we provide two kinds of coils, Stainless steel coil for variable wattage mode and Nickle 200 coil for temperature control mode.We also provide a RBA deck for users to build their own setup.

Features and advantages of smy epoch rta:

  1. Easy top refilling: Users can just screw off the top cap then refill the e juice through the juice hole, clean and fast.Epoch refill
  2. Coil changing from the bottom of the smy epoch rta: the Epoch rta is kind of improvement from Star tank, users can change the coil much more easier than do this on Star tank, just screw off the bottom base to change the coil.
  3. Oil explosion-proof design on the drip tip, but it will not affect the air path, vaping is so smooth and lead to huge vapor production.

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And as you can see, the whole design of smy epoch rta is quite simple, the apperance is very clean, but it has all the smart design in details and has all the necessary functions, which enable it being super easy to use and satisfy. Also the two seal rings make it avoid the terrible leaking problem.

Specifications about smy epoch rta:http://www.simeiyue.com/smy-epoch-atomizer-rta.html