Features Intro of SMY new Epoch RTA

SMY Epoch rta is our new atomizer after SMY Totem rda and Star tank, here I’m going to introduce its functions to you and see what features it has.


It comes with three coils in the package that support its multifunctional performance. And here you can see the depatched parts of the Epoch.

Epoch coils

SMY epoch rta atomizer can be used as a tank and a rba as well, users can choose which way they like. When using as a tank, we provide two kinds of coils, Stainless steel coil for variable wattage mode and Nickle 200 coil for temperature control mode.We also provide a RBA deck for users to build their own setup.

Features and advantages of smy epoch rta:

  1. Easy top refilling: Users can just screw off the top cap then refill the e juice through the juice hole, clean and fast.Epoch refill
  2. Coil changing from the bottom of the smy epoch rta: the Epoch rta is kind of improvement from Star tank, users can change the coil much more easier than do this on Star tank, just screw off the bottom base to change the coil.
  3. Oil explosion-proof design on the drip tip, but it will not affect the air path, vaping is so smooth and lead to huge vapor production.详页 5.jpg

And as you can see, the whole design of smy epoch rta is quite simple, the apperance is very clean, but it has all the smart design in details and has all the necessary functions, which enable it being super easy to use and satisfy. Also the two seal rings make it avoid the terrible leaking problem.

Specifications about smy epoch rta:http://www.simeiyue.com/smy-epoch-atomizer-rta.html

The Update Software Of SMY Touch Box Has Been Released

The Update Software Of SMY Touch Box Has Been Released In Our Website!
Please Check Out Here: http://www.simeiyue.com/downloads
This Update Package Includes Updating Tool, Firmware And Video Guide Download Links       ( you can download the videos or watch direct on our website or Youtube site)

Please Watch The Video Guide Carefully Before Updation.
Any Question During The Updation, Please Let Us Know:)

SMY Touch Box 100w Review on Vaping 360

SMY Touch Box 100w Review on Vaping 360

Oringin Link: http://vaping360.com/smy-touch-box-review/

SMY Touch Box Intro

Today I am taking a look at a brand new mod from SMY. Named the touch box, this mod features an all-new style of vaping. A touch screen to control everything with just a single fire button. Complete with 100w of power and multiple temperature control modes. Below I take a look at the Touch Box from SMY.

SMY Touch Box Specs and Features

SMY Touch Box Kit Content:

SMY Touch Box Kit Content
  • 1x Smy Touch Box 100w
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card


  • Output Power: 1-100w
  • Temperature Range: 200-600F/90-315°C
  • In-built 2600mah Battery
  • 4” Touch Screen
  • Resistance Range: 0.05-3Ω
  • Size: 2.45×5.3×8.45cm

Notable Remarks


The device came nicely packaged in a simple but good looking presentation box with the device and USB charger cushioned by a foam insert. The user manual and warranty card are kept underneath the mod. All in all the packaging was good, nothing too fancy but did the job well.

Aesthetics and Design of the SMY Touch Box

SMY Touch Box

I really like the look of the mod. The screen isn’t too big but equally is plenty large enough to see everything. The carbon fiber panels on the back give the mod some character and style as opposed to looking too plain.

Overall I like the look of the mod, it is reasonably small too which is a bonus, I expected it to be a lot bulkier.

However the design and placement of some things could be improved. The USB port is on the bottom of the device that is a pet hate of mine. This means when charging, you cannot stand the device up which is very annoying. I’d rather see the USB port on the side of the mod as opposed to the bottom.

Also the 510 connection is on the same side as the fire button, which I don’t like as any leakages from the tank could potentially cause, issues with the firing button. Aside from these 2 flaws the rest of the mod looks and feels great!

Using the SMY Touch Box

SMY Touch Box Settings Screen
SMY Touch Box Settings Screen

The device is relatively easy to use, a simple 5 clicks of the power button turns the device on and from there it’s all controlled by the screen with gestures (for me an “L” worked best) to get into the menu and simple swipes to adjust the wattage up and down.

The screen however needs some refining; the menus work perfectly but the wattage adjustment can be a pain, sometimes the screen doesn’t pick up a swipe so you have to swipe 2-3 times to adjust the power.

Also having to swipe every time can be a pain, I would like to be able to press the wattage symbol and simply type in the wattage I want as swiping from 1-100w means 100 swipes of the screen! A keypad would be a much easier way to adjust the wattage/temperature.


In-built battery

I really like how this device has and inbuilt battery. For those vapers that don’t have a good understanding of 18650 batteriesor battery safety but still want a powerful mod. This ticks all those boxes! It also eliminates the need for any chargers, which is great for vapers that don’t have one.

Touch Screen

SMY Touch Box Front Screen
SMY Touch Box Front Screen

I like the touch screen, whilst it seems like a bit of a novelty at the moment I think with a little refinement we could be seeing a lot of touch screen mods on the market before long!


Wattage adjustment

I don’t like the whole swiping system to adjust the wattage. It’s okay if your only changing by a couple watts or so but for big adjustments it just takes far too long. A keypad system would be much easier I think and would make use of the touch screen much better.

Charge Port Placement

SMY Touch Box Back
SMY Touch Box Back

I know this might be a little thing, but a lot of mods out there are putting the charge port on the bottom of the mod. This grinds my gears immensely as it means you cannot stand your mod up when charging which seems stupid.

It also increases the risk of tanks leaking if you leave your tank on the mod, just out the charge port on the side of the mod and everything is sorted! I hope someone end up listening to me and does this!


I really like the SMY touch box; I think it is a great start into the world of touch screen mods. There are some issues and the screen definitely needs refining both in responsiveness and in some of the systems used to adjust things like the wattage and temperature.

I would also like so see some customisable elements, maybe a custom photo for the background screen or some animations when vaping to really bring the screen to life.

It’s not perfect and is a little gimmicky or maybe more of a novelty at the moment but with a little refinement I think touch screen mods could be a big part of the future of vaping! This is a great start into some new technology and a new way to vape!

About us

Simeiyue Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and located beside Shenzhen Airport.  We are International Electronic Cigarette OEM Supplier, with a original brand SMY to create innovative vapor devices especially the box mods. SMY has always been focusing on the development of “Healthy Electronic Cigarettes” with continuous efforts and innovation.

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