Updated SDNA200 Performance and Improvement

Since we released SDNA 200 box mod in November 2015, it has had serveral changes and gone through a lot of improvment then became a quite nice and special DNA200 box mod in the market.


Here we are going to explain the difference between the updated SDNA and original SDNA. And the most SDNA in the market are the new updated version, only a few of them that released in the first month are the original version, and it should download the firmware to get all the pre-programmed settings.

Difference between the original SDNA and updated SDNA:

For hardware: Updated SDNA has stainless steel and flat 510 connection, optimize and clean the wire and soldering work inside.

For software:  Updated SDNA programmed by SMY firmware of Escribe software, it has all the TCR presets, so users dont need to connect Escribe when they purchased a SDNA200, they can use it right away and it works pretty well.

Current and later SDNA production has the change of finish, new finish of black and red one is added sense of rugged concave and convex, the white one is still the same.

More detialed introduction and demostration of the updated SDNA, please check out this Youtube video made by Daniel/ DJLsb Vapes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp6ACHWnOLY

Specifictions about SDNA, pls check out SMY official website: http://www.simeiyue.com/smy-sdna-200-tc-box-mod.html

If you have any questions about SDNA200, please feel free to contact us: customerservice@e-cigarette.cc

Hope you enjoy vaping SMY mods and send us feedback to help us improve and move upward.